Chinese Aldergrove

Chinese Aldergrove

It is a common trend for most of us to order Chinese food when we need a spicy, healthy, and satisfying full meal. Chinese cuisine is one of the most iconic ones from around the world. The loved food culture is famous in both the Western and more native parts of the globe, such as Africa. While most of their food originates from the native land, chop suey is a creation of Chinese immigrants in the United States. The Western world had a rapid growth of Chinese restaurants that maintain the taste, service, and table mannerisms.

About us

Dragonfort Chinese Restaurant is a highly revered Chinese eating spot in British Columbia. We have a long list of regular and new visitors who enjoy the consistently good food portioning, smooth and respectable service, and authentic taste. Every order has fresh processing that arrives at your table hot. We had the honor of winning an award to recognize our exceptional and unfailing services. Chinese Aldergrove is a family owned business that seeks to deliver healthy mouthwatering food at insanely reasonable prices. Our staff understands the family’s business motto and will never show laxity in food preparation nor service, inclusive of the busy weekends and holiday.

The basics of Chinese cuisine

It may interest you to learn that the Chinese employ their rich spirituality in all aspects of life, including food. We believe that life needs a healthy balance between the yin and yang energies. Our food presentations have a myriad of colors and textures that make up for its wide variation. We strive to bring balance in the menu under a healthy eating regimen. Here are some fun facts of the vibrant eating tradition:

  • Noodles make up a significant staple of the northern Chinese cuisine while rice is a staple for the southern region.
  • Chinese cuisine did not initially include forks and knives because we enjoyed hand-picking small sized bites. It would also be highly inappropriate to use cutlery that was usually a potential weapon.
  • Tea is a regular beverage that fits into any time of day. Chinese tea is a proven anti-allergenic.
  • Chinese food is highly potent in amazing health benefits due to its infusion of vegetables and fruits. The low calories noodles and rice are the main dishes in breakfast settings, helping to jumpstart your days with a sustainable kick start.

What you will get at Dragonfort Chinese Aldergrove

We have ridiculously affordable selections of starters, soups, and pure vegetarian combinations. The highly requested food combinations include chicken, sweet and sour boneless pork, fried rice, and beef Suey. Chinese Aldergrove will spike your taste bud with salty, sweet, bitter or sour traditional seasonings of salt, sugar or vinegar. Our proximity to the coast guarantees you a healthy dose of seafood with all the shrimp options, crab or scallop.

Our dining options include regular restaurant check-ins or takeout orders for lunch or dinner hours. We serve up more than authentic food, by offering a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly staff. Dragonfort restaurant guarantees its clients confidence in gaining their consent to the fifteen consecutive honorable mentions by Abbotsford Times Readers Choice.

Dragon Fort Restaurant
2421 Pauline Street, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3R9

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